MU Online Grand Opening 21th April GMT+2 20:00

Mu Online Server Information


    Server Status is on Open Beta

    Welcome to Xcore-Network MuOnline a rebirth of MuVengeance. We are a free to play private server running on MuOnline emulated software. Our new game platform allows users access and the ability to achieve all gaming aspects freely and Fairly. We accept donations to help maintain and develop our gaming environment, and award our donors freebies they may use in-game for whatever purpose it may serve them.

    What to expect from this New Xcore MuOnline Server? is made for people who like original gameplay without custom features. Working all default events/features. Whole gameplay is well considered , Attention has been paid to every single game detail. but we can guarantee, that you wont find second server like this, we are different from other servers. main game value Cash Points, High exc item drops.
    If you want to experience qualitative gameplay, where administration cares about players,then this is place for you!

  • Season 6 Episode 3 Full (Mue603)
  • Experience: 9999x item Drop Rate: 70%
  • Levelup points: 5/7(Normal)
  • Max Resets: 530x (Grand Reset)
  • Default items
  • LongTerm Server & Online 24/7

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